Foundation Vol.4 is the second studio album by Basick. It was released on April 5, 2018.


  1. "One Time"
  2. "SM58" feat. Justhis
  3. "Microphone Checker (MC)" feat. Koonta, Paloalto
  4. "F'Artist"
  5. "IDCA" feat. Double K
  6. "The Kid"
  7. "Mask" feat. B Jyun
  8. "₩on It All" feat. MBA
  9. "A Game" feat. Ddo
  10. "My Wave" feat. Sik-K
  11. "Flava" feat. Superbee
  12. "Real Life" feat. The Quiett
  13. "Starter" feat. DJ Ebony
  14. "Untitled" feat. Eptend, DJ Noah
  15. "Flower"
  16. "Goodbye" feat. Brwn