Goodevil is the first studio album by Ja Mezz. It was released on May 21, 2018.


  1. "Good VS. Evil"
  2. "Dance With The Devil" (춤)
  3. "Cupid" feat. Chancellor
  4. "Venus" feat. Woo Won-jae, Mrshll
  5. "Apple" (사과) feat. Car, The Garden
  6. "Live In Heaven"
  7. "Alchemy" (錬金術) feat. Dok2, Mino
  8. "Michael Angel"
  9. "I Met Kanye West"
  10. "Toruk Makto" feat. Jay Park, Koonta, Skull
  11. "Hade$ 2" feat. Coogie, EK, Kor Kash, Tommy Strate
  12. "Hell Of A Life"