Me (Mutant's Excuse) is the first studio album by New Champ. It was released on May 15, 2018.


  1. "My Belief" (나의 신념)
  2. "Regret" (유감)
  3. "One Way Ticket" (편도 한 장)
  4. "Mr. Sin's" (Mr.죄's) feat. Chillin Ovatime, Feless
  5. "The Civil War In Civil War" (내전 속의 내전)
  6. "Hold Back" (참아) feat. Koonta
  7. "Callin" feat. Gabriel
  8. "Country Boi In LA" (촌놈 in LA)
  9. "Thursday Party"
  10. "Champagne" (샴페인) feat. Gabriel
  11. "Kill Em All" feat. Nucksal, Qwala, Jayho, Young Jay
  12. "Chang Chen" (장첸) feat. Vinxen, Webster B
  13. "Heart Broken In Two" (둘로 쪼개진 심장)
  14. "Players" (쟁이들) feat. Basick, San E, Chillin Ovatime, Deepflow, Microdot, TakeOne
  15. "My Mother" (내 엄마)
  16. "Fastival Of White Night" (백야의 축제)
  17. "Neversleep 2"